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handmade from Gr 9 (3AL/2.5V)  and Gr 5 (6AI/4V) titanium 


tire clearance 700x55c (29x2.2)


unique yoke design made from a one piece titanium block for extra strength and lightness


2 cable routing options: fully internal or fully external


dropper post ready with fully internal cable routing 


Seatpost diameter 27.2


3 bottle cages as standard on the frame, 2 extra on the Fork


Syntace dropouts 12x100 front and 12x142mm back thru axles


flatmount disc brake with 140 or 160mm rotors

T47x 86mm bottom bracket

reversible drop-out chips for adjustable rake between 47mm and 52mm


6 eyelets for anything cages or bottle cages on the fork


44mm head tube


ready for 1x drivetrains, maximum 42t , Di2, eTap and EPS ready as well as mechanical

Our first model is called Lark, an off-road adventure bike with a

race-inspired geometry.​ A classic race bike with wide tires.

The lark is the first bird that sings in the morning, while the others are still asleep. It's a cute tiny fella, and one of the few birds that sings on the fly, just like most of us do on their bikes.

Every frame comes with the name on the downtube, and we use a different language on every frame. Thus, every frame is unique.

You can choose your preferred language in the ordering process. We already chose English and Korean for the prototypes, so these languages are no longer available.




We founded Chirp Chirp Cycles in 2020 to offer you and ourselves the ultimate frame for the big adventure. We believe in masterful craftsmanship and technologies, two aspects that clearly stand out in this uniformly tamed bicycle world. Chirp Chirp Cycles feel different: dangerous and fast. We are not interested in making compromises to appeal to everyone.
The Chirp Chirp Cycles frame is a race-inspired adventure bike, featuring an ultra-wide tire clearance (700 x 55 c / 29 x 2.2) but still an aggressive geometry. It is built for long-distance riding and created with a streamlined design for performance. 


Chirp Chirp Cycles frames carry a lifetime guarantee for the original owner against defects in workmanship and materials.
Chirp Chirp Cycles components carry the suppliers’ 2-year warranty.
This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, unauthorized modifications, damage due to accidents, and alike. 
The customer shall cover all costs associated with the shipping of the defective material to Chirp Chirp Cycles (situated in Berlin, Germany).
More details of our warranty can be found in the Terms and Conditions.


We are Felix and Frido, two friends born and based in Berlin who ride bikes together since 2011. But we don’t just ride bikes. We really love cycling. 
What started as a hobby quickly turned into an obsession. We claimed faster, higher and further goals, and soon enough, our equipment reached its limit and, therefore, limited us. In search of the perfect racing bike suitable for the cobblestones and sandy but rock-hard trails in and around Berlin, we couldn’t find something that met our needs. As much as we love indulging in the glossy brand experiences of the global cycling companies with their strong sense of community, exclusive products, and friendly services, we couldn’t find the materials or technology we needed.
This gap in the bike market got us dreaming about our perfect frame. Once we knew exactly what kind of frame we wanted, there was no turning back. We had to build it. That’s how Chirp Chirp Cycles was born.



Using titanium for our frames was always at the core of our bike venture dream. We knew that we would have to obtain the material from some far-away region, and it just so happened, after months of deep research, that we found a highly talented Germany-based framebuilder with Chinese roots who was willing to collaborate with us. Before settling in southern Germany, he worked in a titanium welding shop in China and is still strongly connected to his former team. Together, they make our frames by hand with exceptional technical precision and masterly craftsmanship. So instead of bringing raw titanium, which is mined in China, over to Europe, the team manufactures our frames there. Once completed, our frames travel to Germany by train, keeping the carbon footprint as small as possible. In order to keep the production sustainable, our initial impulse was to produce in Germany only, but unfortunately, we can't mine titanium here.


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